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Writing For The Love Of Writing

A Writing-Only LiveJournal Community

For The Love Of Words!
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Welcome to Love_Write, a writing-only LiveJournal community. We are solely for the posting and reading of short stories, the beginning of novels, and essays. If you wish to post poetry, please look at our sister community, itsonlypoison.

I'm your ower and mod, simplysolitary_. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our community, please leave a comment on my 'Friends Only' post in my LiveJournal, or I can be reached via e-mail at Jaggers_of_Fire0926@yahoo.com . I will attempt to return your message as soon as humanly possible.

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We are not children, and I wish that we don't act it. Ye not 'flame' another's work, lest ye be flamed as well. We are here to give constructive criticism, not to string together curses that have no meaning.
But be honest, as well. Don't sugar-coat the truth, because you'll be doing the writer more harm then good.
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Any long posts need to be put under a LJ cut. If you don't know how, it is < lj-cut text="insert text here"> without the space.
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I'd appreciate it if you filled out a short bio upon joining our community. Please copy-and-paste this, and put it into an LJ cut. It is solely for getting to know the person behind the words.

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Please, use basic logic when talking. d0n talk lyke dis cuz ill havta kick u out.
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Everyone must comment on at least one work every week. People like a community where other people comment on their work. Thats why they posted it in the first place. The motto is: If Ye Does Not Comment, Ye Shalt Be Commented On.
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Promoting is a big thing with me. I believe that the only way we will get more members is to promote. So, you are being asked to promote in at least two places. There are communities that are solely for promoting. You can use those.
And, please don't promote to places that already have our banner. It gets annoying for some people. :)
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I will allow promoting for other communities, only if in return we get to promote a banner in theirs. ;) And I request it be writing/poetry related communities.
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Please, only one writing-post a day. :) Thank you.

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Hi. Again.
Currently we only have one banner. Copy what is in the text box, and paste it. Please, don't use rich-text mode.
This is our banner:
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If you have any problems, comments, or concerns, please contact simplysolitary_, and I will help you. :)
Thank you. Write on.